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Mark Greubel

*2018 W.A.K.O. Kickboxing Coach of the Year

*Coach For Team USA Kickboxing In 2017 World Games

*Coaching W.A.K.O. United States Team since 2006

*2X Undefeated United States kickboxing champion

*97 Ga State PKC lightweight champ

*99 IKF U.S. Champ

*2000 PKC U.S. Champ

*2 Gold Medals GA Games boxing*

Has trained 35 International Kickboxing federation Champs

*Trained 1st ever 6X IKF champ (J. Greubel)

*Trained 1st ever 7X IKF Champ (N.Key)

*Has trained 2 IKF Triple crown winners (N. Key & N. Torrance)

*Trained multiple W.A.K.O. medalists

*Coached U.S. team in England, France, Italy, Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Trinidad, Russia, Turkey, Ireland, Poland, Hungary, and Australia!

2018 W.A.K.O. Coach of the year!

2019 W.A.K.O. Head Coach of Team USA Kickboxing at World Championships in Bosnia

Sergio Cunha MMA

Sergio Cunha

● MMA Coach/Trainer

● Trained in Boxing, Judo, and Wrestling

● Certifications in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai

● Promoter - World Conferences & Matches

● Seminar Leader


Present - 2016

Head Coach – MMA Fight Team, Chinwoo House MMA, Shanghai China.

2015 - 2012

Conducting Training & Education Seminars in MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Muay Thai 2005 - Present

Total MMA, Santa Ana, CA, 2016

MMA U, Calgary, Canada, 2012

Kombat Arts Training Academy, Mississauga, Canada, 2009

● And many other locations in USA, Canada, Brazil, and Japan

Head Trainer, Independent Fighters

Elias Theodorou, 2013, Toronto, Canada — Won the NAAFS Middleweight Championship after training and became The Ultimate Fighter Canadian champion in 2014. Currently UFC fighter.

Rogerio ‘Minotouro’ Nogueira, 2013, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil — Succeeded against former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Rashad Evans and moved into 5th position on the UFC Middleweight vision ranking.

2011- 2009

Head Coach

Mecha MMA, Toronto, Canada,

Muay Thai coach of Brazilian Top Team, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2011 — Trained top fighters including Milton Vieira, UFC, Strikeforce; Rousimar Palhares, UFC

Minnesota Fight Factory, Burlington, MN, 2009-2011 — Under my direction for 18 months this team won 134 of 154 fights. Many of the team members have gone on to advance their careers, including Elias Theodorou (UFC); Marcus LeVesseur (UFC); Brock Larson (UFC); Travis Wiuff (UFC); Shana Olsen (Strikeforce); Mike Richman (Bellator)

2009- 2005

Head Trainer

Mauricio 'Shogun' Rua (Former UFC champion), Curibita, Brazil, 2008- 2009 — In preparation for a fight against Chuck Liddell at UFC 97. Rua won a landmark victory and developed his career in the US, eventually claiming the UFC Light Heavyweight title.

BJ Penn (UFC World Champion, Gold Medalist), Hawaii, USA, 2007 — Muay Thai coaching

Anderson Silva (UFC Champion, Holder of Longest Title Streak), Antonio Rodrigo (Former UFC Champ, Pride), Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (UFC, Pride), Murilo Bustamante (Former UFC Champion, Pride), Rafael Feijao (Strikeforce World Champion), Lyoto Machida, Alexandre Franca Nogueira, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2005-2008

2005- 2002

MMA Coach Yoshida Dojo, Tokyo, Japan, 2004-2005 — Provided training for Judo fighters to evolve into MMA competitors. Members now compete in MMA globally, including Michihiri OmIgawa (UFC, Pride, Deep, Cage Rage England); Hidehico Youshida (Pride); Makoto Takimoto (Pride); Ryuichi Murata (Deep)

Franchisee & Head Coach Chute Boxe Academy, Tokyo, Japan, 2002-2004 — Moved to Japan and opened the first franchise of Chute Boxe Academy in Tokyo. Built both a successful business and a fledgling fight team ready to take on the highest levels of Japanese competition.

2002- 1989

Vice President Shooto Brazil, Curitiba, Brazil, — Networked within the MMA industry and introduce Brazilian fighters to international stages of competition.

Promoter Mecca World Vale Tudo, Managed the production and details of this event, which revealed several athletes to the world. 99% of Brazilian MMA superstars started at Mecca.

Coach Chute Box Academy, Curitiba, Brazil, 1989-2002

Edgar Nickson MMA kickboxing instruction.jpg

Edgar Nickson

*2X IKF World Classic Champ

*WKKO U.S. National champ

*WAKO Team USA Competitor

*MMA fighter

Chris Richardson kickboxing fitness classes.jpg

Chris "Judo Chop" Richardson

*2X IKF World Classic Champ

*WKKO U.S. Champ

*WAKO Team USA Competitor

Dominique Roundtree upper torso web page.jpg

Dominique Rountree

2019 W.A.K.O. North American Kickboxing Champion

National Boxing Champion

Team W.A.K.O. USA kickboxing competitor 2019 World Championships - Bosnia


Jamon Cooke

2018 W.A.K.O. United States Kickboxing Champion

2019 W.A.K.O. North American Kickboxing Champion

Team W.A.K.O. USA competitor in 2019 World Championships - Bosnia

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*1995 PKC GA state champ

*1996 PKC U.S. Champ

*1997 PKC U.S. Champ

*1998 U.S. PKC U.S. Champ

*2000 IKF U.S. Champ

*2001 IKF U.S Champ

*2000 Augusta Toughman winner

*2001 Toughman sweet 16 finalist

*1999 Augusta Submission winner

*2003 Battle at Bellagio K-1 apearance

*World Combat League competitor

*IKF PRO U.S. Kickboxing Champ