Glory Kickboxing  fighter,  Richard "maximus" Abraham  getting some mitt work in with  coach greubel!

Glory Kickboxing fighter, Richard "maximus" Abraham getting some mitt work in with coach greubel!

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The night we have all been waiting for... Team USA kickboxing VS Team Australia. Stephanie Glew VS Amanda Ginski, Benny Regan VS Kuchlong Kuchlong, and Nadir Saleh VS Adam Poore at the historic Miller Theater in Augusta, Georgia!!! Mayor Hardy Davis puts the belt around the waist of the winner of one of the Team USA VS Australia bouts!
The 2018 WAKO stars and stripes National Kickboxing tournament was held in Augusta, Georgia. This tournament is here to build team USA and find the Athletes best suited to represent our country in the 2021 World Games in Birmingham, Alabama. Some local Talent featured on this event were....
Greubel's MMA Diary presents act 2 of the WAKO Stars and Stripes, National Kickboxing Tournament. WAKO Team USA's annual kickboxing tournament held in Augusta, Georgia at the historic Miller theater. Here are some clips of the public weigh-ins, interviews, and preparation leading up to the kickboxing tournament and Team USA VS Australia!
Some candid moments of Double Jab Promotions, LLC, and the team at Greubel's MMA preparing for the WAKO Stars And Stripes national kickboxing tournament. In this episode we get a chance to speak with Mayor Hardie Davis about the upcoming fights. Little did i know that Mayor Davis followed my kickboxing career since i was a kid.
Recently a couple of the boxers from Greubel's Mixed Martial Arts traveled to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to train at the world famous Skyy Boxing Gym. While they were there they got a chance to meet the heavyweight boxing champion of the world, Deontay Wilder!
Former NFL star, Ray Webber, puts fight team at Greubel's Mixed Martial Arts through a rigorous workout as they prepare for upcoming competitions! Greubel's MMA is constantly pushing the boundaries of martial arts athleticism and excellence!
In this episode of the Greubel's MMA Diary we are working with a local non-profit organization that helps individuals with Autism and other disabilities. Special Leisure and Recreation Association was established in 2002 by the families and friends of those with disabilities to offer leisure and recreational opportunities for individuals with disabilities from the CSRA.
This was our 12th Anniversary of business and we had the help of the Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce to kick off the beginning of another incredible year of Martial Arts Instruction In Augusta, GA!
In this episode of GMMA Diary... 7X Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion, Milton Bastos, visits Greubel's MMA to drop some serious grappling knowledge on the students here. Milton is one of the Co-Founders of Ares BJJ. Greubel's MMA is located in Augusta, Georgia and offers Kickboxing, Boxing, MMA, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, fitness, and martial arts instruction at it's finest!!!!
In this episode of Greubel's MMA Diary, Adam "WAR" Poore faces Teshay "My House" Gouthro In a Team USA VS Canada Kickboxing event held in Nashville, Tennesee. This fight was streamed live and broadcast to 110 million homes. Will Adam come out victorious, or will the tough Canadian fighter steal Adam's glory?
Jamon Cooke and Chris "Judo Chop" Richardson of Greubel's MMA's kickboxing team fight in Nashville Tennessee on a fight card that will be televised to 110 million homes! Chris Richardson has had a two year lay off. Will the lay off hurt his performance or will he push through the nerves and clinch a victory?
In this Episode of Greubel's MMA Diary Jamon Cooke, Chris Richardson, and Adam Poore train to get ready to fight in Nashville, Tennessee on a Team USA VS Canada event. These fights will be broadcast to 110 million people!
Mark Greubel puts down the cheese dip and starts his road back to getting in shape. With most of his time dedicated to coaching and preparing for the World Games, he often finds little time for himself. First he has to put down the chips and dip to get back on track!

In this episode Omari Boyd, of Nashville TN, seeks his spot in history as he climbs his way to his destiny. His first match is against the former world k-1 Kickboxing champion from Mauritius. Does he have enough to beat the tough African warrior or will his road to history end here??

In this episode Jerome Ward faces the Polish champion in his quarter final bout at the 2017 world games!
In this Episode you get to see a sneak peak of Mark Greubel coaching some youth from the inner city of Augusta during the HOPE FOR AUGUSTA classes. Teaching valuable martial arts and life lessons is a huge part of what makes Greubel's MMA great! www.gmma.ninja for more info on Greubel's MMA.
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In This Episode you will meet Omari Boyd. Omari is one of the fighters that will be representing WAKO Team USA kickboxing this July in Poland, at the WORLD GAMES.
In this Episode Brandon Big Bear Spencer fight Myree Coleman for a Southeastern Heavyweight pro title. After all the smack talk and head games, its time to lay it on the line and see for sure who is the best!
This episode features undefeated Jr. Featherweight pro boxer, Claude Staton Jr. and Brandon "BIG BEAR" Spencer. Before Claude does battle against an opponent that has never been knocked out he gets some championship coaching from Mark Greubel. Lets see how it turns out!! (CAUTION ADULT LANGUAGE)
In this episode you'll get back stage access as Brandon "BIG BEAR" Spencer, and Myree "The Pink Panther" Coleman lay down the smack talk, and prepare to go 10 rounds in their Professional Heavyweight boxing title fight. Augusta's own Brandon Spencer in his first ever 10 round fight.
Augusta,Georgia's own Greubel's Mixed Martial Arts is giving you exclusive access to the life of a father/businessman, Todd Hampson, rising to the challenge and taking a match in his mid 40's. Episode 4 will give you rare footage of what it took to prepare him for the challenge.
A glimpse into the kids class and a testimonial from one of our female students, Emily. Big Bear finishing up preparations for his upcoming title defense against Myree "The Pink Panther" Coleman.
In this Episode you will see footage of Brandon hanging with friends in Barton Village and training clips of him sparring and training foe his up coming fight with the PINK PANTHER.
1st full episode of the Greubel's MMA Diary. Greubel's MMA Diary GLORY kickboxing veteran, Richard Abraham, Mark Greubel, (head coach of WAKO, Team USA kickboxing, and owner of Greubel's MMA) Brandon "Big Bear" Spencer (ABA U.S. Heavyweight boxing champion). Get insider footage and get to know the people of Greubel's MMA.