Read the full story here: Brandon "Big Bear" Spencer is the new ABA U.S. Heavyweight Champion, fighting out of Greubel's MMA in Augusta, GA. 

Often referred to as "the sweet science", boxing teaches people to be strong physically and mentally; how to think clearly and move quickly in the midst of chaos. Not only that, it will give you a great workout every time! It will teach you focus, hand-eye coordination and stamina. Split second timing and defensive maneuvers such as slipping, rocking, bobbing and weaving allow boxers to stay in the "critical" range in order to be able to hit their opponents without being hit themselves. No other art teaches you how to combine power and agility quite like boxing.

So whether you want to feel a little more like Rocky or want to become a professional athlete, boxing will make you more explosive with your movements, build endurance, and provide you with a full-body workout!

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